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The Stevens Family Horse Farm
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Horse Logging

Partnership between human and horse brings a unique perspective to the logging industry

Why use horses instead of conventional methods? Easy...

#1 Cost- generally speaking, horses cost CONSIDERABLY less than skidders, harvesters and tractors.

#2 Conservation- conventional equipment requires large spaces and roads for the machines to pass through, small trees, shrubs and undergrowth are systematically destroyed or removed to allow the machines access. A horse only needs a pathway, and in most cases, if you can walk through it, then a horse can pull through it with a log!

#3 Noise and pollution- horses don't have diesel engines, emit noxious exhaust, or leak oil and fuel!
#4 Reduced soil compaction- when equipment such as skidders, bulldozers, tractors and trucks driver over an area, the air between soil particles is squeezed out. This causes water to run off rather than soak in and plant roots to divert into different directions. Regrowth is stunted or extremely limited and may take years for recovery. Some studies have shown that over a period of years, fields harvested using tractors can have soil compaction as deep as 6 feet!

pulling a log over soft ground with minimal destruction of vegitation