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Introducing....BUDDY! The newest addition to the Stevens Family Horse Farm. Born 2-1-02 Buddy is a full belgian adopted by us from the Casey Creek Horse Rescue in Kentucky. You can follow his progress and growth on this website as he is trained, and learns and plays. Lots of pictures will follow of this little fellow because he's somewhat of a celebrity locally and nationally, with a small fan club reaching all the way from Maine to California (and even a few overseas!).

Buddy and Belle

While we were at Casey Creek, my friend adopted Belle. We believe this is Buddy's half-sister. Belle is a belgian / KMH. This picture of them "smooching" is available on mugs and t-shirts here on this website in our Horse And People Products store.


got COFFEE?!?

the boys running!

Buddy's first week has been eventful, he's moved from Kentucky to NH, learned to walk with a lead rope and halter, discovered what electric fence does (ouch!), that Bronson is the boss until mom (or me) show up, then we are in charge, and here is a pic of Bronson showing him the finer places of mud rolling.

Trying to get a pic of Buddy is a challenge, he wants to be as close as possible so he follows us everywhere. (either that or he's a ham!) We've discovered that Buddy likes coffee, he decided it looked good and when Tracey wasn't looking...GULP...gone! (I LOVE this horse!)




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